80 Hour Intensive Course B1


  1. Course aimed at quickly improving your English level.
  2. Understand and speak English with relative confidence.
  3. Improve your grammar knowledge.
  4. Expand your grammar.

80 hour intensive – B1


Teacher’s manuals and other complementary course work


Virtual / Face-to-face


An ENGLISHJET Diploma is given at the end of the course for attendance and progress.

Course evaluation:

An evaluation questionnaire will be distributed at the end of the course to collect the opinion and suggestions of all the participants.



Grammar content

  • Question construction.
  • Review of Present Perfect vs. Past Simple.
  • Reflexive pronouns.
  • Review of the Present Perfect Continuous vs. Present simple with “yet”, “just”, “already”.
  • Both, neither, either.
  • Present Simple vs. Present Continuous.
  • Adverbs of frequency.
  • Quantifiers (a few, a little, etc).
  • Gerund or ‘ to’ + the infinitive.
  • Question tags and short answers.
  • The use of “used to” plus the infinitive.
  • The use of “make”, “let”, “allow” + the infinitive.
  • The use of “can”, “could”, “be able to”.
  • The future: will/going to .
  • The first conditional: “if” “when”, “as soon as”.
  • The second conditional: “would” + “past tense” .

    Speaking skills

    • Meeting new people: greetings, introducing yourself, saying good-bye.
    • Checking information.
    • Apologizing.
    • Asking for help, asking for permission.
    • Talking about routines and habits.
    • Talking about future intentions.

    Listening comprehension skills

    • Comprender las explicaciones de hechos diarios
    • Comprender conversaciones en el ámbito social
    • Entender las explicaciones dadas por otros, ejemplo tras unas vacaciones
    • Entender las instrucciones de cómo se llega a algún sitio

    Written Skills 

    • Responding to short texts with an opinion.
    • Taking a phone message.
    • Writing simple instructions.

    Reading comprehension skills

    • Capturing the main ideas of texts dealing with daily life (newspapers, social media, etc.), as well as all other types of non-specialized written documents.
    • Obtaining specific information from a written document.


    • Maximum number of students: 5 people


    What can I do with a B2 level?

    Upon completion of the intensive B1 – which is an intermediate level – you will have a more solid level. You will be able to express yourself more clearly and precisely, and you will gain fluency and confidence. You will be able to participate in simple social and professional conversations. You will have a broader understanding of  grammatical structures and an increased ability to use proper verb tenses and vocabulary. 


    Is there any kind of recognition at the end of the course?

    ENGLISHJET gives a Diploma that certifies the completion of the course, but it is not an official diploma.

    How do I know if I have the right level to take the course?

    All participants have to take a level test before starting the course. This can be done by telephone or online.


    What is the maximum number of participants?

    There is a maximum of 5 people.

    What people are saying about us



    I took a virtual course on job preparation with Emma. She helped me to talk about my skills and professional experience, and she gave me ideas about how to answer questions that I might hear in an interview. On the day if the interview, I felt calm and confident. I got the job! Then I decided to continue with my English classes. Thank you so much for all your help! 

    Carla, Madrid


    Have been having business English classes with Margit, for the past three years. Her classes are interesting and lots of fun. We laugh a lot in class, and I have learnt so much new vocabulary and grammar.  We always deal with subjects and topics that are very useful for my job. I am really happy with my classes and plan to continue studying next year.

    Miguel, Madrid


    When I got a job in a British company, I was really nervous. I decided to take some English classes so that I would feel more confident and also to improve my fluency. My teacher, James, was very patient. He helped me to write better emails, he taught me lots of vocabulary relevant to my sector, and he helped me to prepare presentations for video conferencing. After one year, I find it much easier to write complex  emails and I have much better working conversations with my international colleagues. 

    Nico, Amsterdam


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    At your service

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