80 Hour Intensive Course B2

Target audience: People interested in strengthening and/or recovering their command of language skills through in-person classes with native speaker teachers.

The 80-hour immersion courses include:

  1. Focus on listening comprehension (podcasts and videos).
  2. Real dialogues (speaking activities).
  3. Real-world grammar content.
  4. Pronunciation and intonation.

    80 hour intensive – B2


    Teacher’s manuals and other complementary course work


    Virtual / Face-to-face


    An ENGLISHJET Diploma is given at the end of the course for attendance and progress.

    Course evaluation:

    An evaluation questionnaire will be distributed at the end of the course to collect the opinion and suggestions of all the participants.



    Grammar content

    • Review of phrasal verbs.
    • Review of question constructions.
    • Formation of adverbial sentences and simple adverbs.
    • Position and meaning of adverbs.
    • The use of first and zero conditionals.
    • The use of the future with the clauses “as soon as”, “until”.
    • Develop the use of the Future Perfect and the Future Continuous.
    • The use of “usually”, “to get used to”, “be used to” or “get used to”.
    • Narrative tenses: the Past Perfect Continuous.
    • Develop the use of the third conditional with “should have”, shouldn’t have”.
    • The use of modal verbs of deduction: “must have”, “might have”, “can’t have” + the infinitive.
    • Reflexive pronouns.
    • Adjectives and adjective position.
    • Review of the Present Perfect: simple vs. continuous.

      Speaking skills

      • Dominance of all basic grammatical structures and verb tenses.
      • Ability to use vocabulary across a wide range of topics.
      • Participate in a conversation, giving opinions and justifying ideas.
      • Fluency in a variety of situations, such as requesting professional services, or resolving a disagreement.

      Written Skills

      • Writing a complex memo or report.
      • Responding to letters and emails.
      • Writing short professional/technical articles.

      Reading comprehension skills

      • Understanding numbers and quantities.
      • Understanding the causes of a specific problem.
      • Understanding the reason for a decision or proposal made.
      • Recognizing word stress.
      • Recognizing emphasis in a sentence.
      • Understanding the causes of a specific problem.


      • Maximum number of students: 5 people


      Is there any kind of recognition at the end of the course?

      ENGLISHJET gives a Diploma that certifies the completion of the course, but it is not an official diploma.

      How do I know if I have the right level to take the course?

      All participants have to take a level test before starting the course. This can be done by telephone or online.


      What is the maximum number of participants?

      There is a maximum of 5 people.

      What people are saying about us



      I took a virtual course on job preparation with Emma. She helped me to talk about my skills and professional experience, and she gave me ideas about how to answer questions that I might hear in an interview. On the day if the interview, I felt calm and confident. I got the job! Then I decided to continue with my English classes. Thank you so much for all your help! 

      Carla, Madrid


      Have been having business English classes with Margit, for the past three years. Her classes are interesting and lots of fun. We laugh a lot in class, and I have learnt so much new vocabulary and grammar.  We always deal with subjects and topics that are very useful for my job. I am really happy with my classes and plan to continue studying next year.

      Miguel, Madrid


      When I got a job in a British company, I was really nervous. I decided to take some English classes so that I would feel more confident and also to improve my fluency. My teacher, James, was very patient. He helped me to write better emails, he taught me lots of vocabulary relevant to my sector, and he helped me to prepare presentations for video conferencing. After one year, I find it much easier to write complex  emails and I have much better working conversations with my international colleagues. 

      Nico, Amsterdam


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      At your service

      For any doubts, questions or explanations you may need, Englishjet is more than happy to help. All you need to do is send an email to the address below and we will be in touch.