Other Languages

Englishjet offers courses in the following languages.

Please note: as with our English instructors, all teachers are native speakers, with extensive experience.


  • Spanish.

  • Portuguese.

  • French.

  • Italian.

  • German.

  • Russian.

  • Árabic.

  • Chinese.

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What courses does Englishjet offer?

Englishjet is known for our dynamic and engaging courses. We specialize in business and technical language classes, as well as conversation and exam preparation. 

What kind of teachers do you work with?

At Englishjet, we know that our best resource is our trainers.

We work with highly qualified professionals, who are all native speakers. They are specially trained in language instruction and have an average of over 10 years of experience.

What kind of methodology do we use?

We believe that language is for communication and our philosophy is that the best way to learn a language is by using it.

All our courses focus on practicing speaking and listening skills, and the total participation of our students. Our trainers are specialized in error correction and on concentrating on the specific objectives of each individual student

What kind of resources do the teachers use?

At Englishjet we adapt all of our resources to the specific needs of each participant. We use a wide range of materials so that the students can achieve their language goals.

Materials include textbooks, articles from newspapers and magazines, grammar exercises, online games, videos, podcasts, and more, to offer courses that are as complete and interesting as possible.

What are virtual courses?

Englishjet offers a wide range of virtual courses, using platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

With companies, we work with the HR and IT departments to create personalized solutions for language instruction. Our instructors receive ongoing specialized training so that they are up to date on all new advances in virtual education. We also offer internal technical support in case of problems with connections, etc.

For our individual students, we offer flexible timetables and personalized courses. We are more than happy to work with our students to help create the best course plan possible to improve their language skills.

In what language do we offer our courses?

The highest demand we have is for our English courses, but EnglishJet also offers classes in other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. We also offer classes in Arabic and Japanese.

Englishjet always maintains the highest standards in all the languages we teach.

What do we specifically offer to companies?

We work with companies of all sizes from every sector to create excellent programmes in language training. From level testing to finding the best instructor for every group, in addition to giving continuous evaluations of the performance of each student, Englishjet takes care of everything.

It doesn’t matter if the company has five or 500 employees, Englishjet can create a personalized language programme that offers added value to your team.

What people are saying about us



I took a virtual course on job preparation with Emma. She helped me to talk about my skills and professional experience, and she gave me ideas about how to answer questions that I might hear in an interview. On the day if the interview, I felt calm and confident. I got the job! Then I decided to continue with my English classes. Thank you so much for all your help! 

Carla, Madrid


Have been having business English classes with Margit, for the past three years. Her classes are interesting and lots of fun. We laugh a lot in class, and I have learnt so much new vocabulary and grammar.  We always deal with subjects and topics that are very useful for my job. I am really happy with my classes and plan to continue studying next year.

Miguel, Madrid


When I got a job in a British company, I was really nervous. I decided to take some English classes so that I would feel more confident and also to improve my fluency. My teacher, James, was very patient. He helped me to write better emails, he taught me lots of vocabulary relevant to my sector, and he helped me to prepare presentations for video conferencing. After one year, I find it much easier to write complex  emails and I have much better working conversations with my international colleagues. 

Nico, Amsterdam


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