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Let’s start with a review of a popular TV show….


Do you love vampires? How about comedy? If you’re looking for a great show, then this is a hilarious way to spend 30 minutes.

The show is a mockumentary, a fake documentary. Unlike a real documentary, there’s a script, actors, and lots of plot twists! The show follows a group of vampire housemates through their daily lives in Staten Island, NY. Their house is full of gothic antiques, red curtains and occasionally, a dead body! The vampires have been living together for over a hundred years and are still trying to figure out how to blend into modern society.

Each episode focuses on the misadventures of the vampires and their human helpers. The vampires, Lazlo, Nadja, Nandor and Colin Robinson are always up to something, breaking their human neighbors’ rules and even getting into trouble with the vampire council.

Normally, vampire movies and TV shows are all blood and guts and are very scary. What We Do In The Shadows breaks all the genre expectations. The show is funny and smart with excellent actors and lots of physical comedy. Each character also goes through their own personal journey. In funny and unexpected storylines, the vampires process their feelings of loneliness, isolation and desire.

The actors bring their characters to life with humor and care, you’ll hear a combination of British, American and vampire accents! The costumes are fun and extravagant from Nadja’s voluminous black dresses to Nandor’s warrior cape and boots. Originally aired on the FX channel in the United States, you can watch the show on HBO Spain with subtitles in English to help you catch the jokes!

What’s your favorite vampire movie?

Do you like scary movies or comedies more?

Do you usually watch movies and TV shows in the original version or dubbed into your language?


Actors Kayvan Novak and Harvey Guillén. Photo credit: FX Networks